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About Us


At Yellowfield, our goal is to provide quality agricultural produce for users, consumers and manufacturers around the world. Our firm engages with every step of the agricultural value chain and interacts directly with farmers and enables them to get the best value for their top-quality products.

We take whole nutritious fresh food from the farmers and small manufacturers directly to urban dwellers. Our brand’s ambition is to help people make the right alternative choices and gradually blend the alternative into the mainstream.

With sustainability and development in our crosshairs, Our firm gives utmost importance to quality and value-addition. Every ounce of product supplied through Yellow Field is checked, re-checked and guaranteed for top quality and sustainable sourcing.

Our cultivators meticulously sow, nourish, cultivate and harvest these seeds with all their hard work and love, the differentiating quality which makes each grain worthy of being labelled at Yellowfield.

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